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Robert Herold, the owner of Dale’s Bootery, is a certified Pedorthist with over 20 years of experience. Bob is skilled at fitting footwear and shoe modifications. If you are looking for comfort, we will help you find the right shoes at Dale’s Bootery.

What is a Pedorthist?

Pedorthics refers to the design, manufacture, and fit of footwear and orthoses. A Pedorthist specializes in using footwear (i.e., shoes, shoe modifications, foot orthoses, and other Pedorthic devices) to solve problems in, or related to, the foot or lower limb.

When a foot requires medical attention, footwear becomes a factor in the patient’s treatment, recovery, or rehabilitation. A medical doctor will diagnose, outline a treatment plan, and provide a prescription. Footwear prescriptions can help relieve pressure, prevent injuries, compensate for imbalances, redistribute weight, accommodate or support conditions, and prevent worsening of a condition.  

A Pedorthist helps with implementation of the treatment plan and addresses your footwear needs. They are skilled at evaluating feet, fitting footwear, and understand the properties of footwear and the interaction between the patient's foot and shoe.

What qualifies someone to be a Certified Pedorthist?

To become a Certified Pedorthist, one must complete prerequisite courses, receive mentorship, and pass their certification exam.

Their studies include the following topics:

  • Foot and lower limb anatomy
  • Pathology
  • Biomechanics which involve human locomotion
  • Footwear fitting
  • Lower extremity orthotic design
  • Fabrication and materials
  • Shoe construction and modification
  • Patient/practice management

Certified Pedorthist maintain their certification by following Continuing Education and renewal requirements.

How Can a Pedorthist Help You?  

Your footwear can encompass much more than your shoe. Footwear includes orthotics, shoes, socks, night splints, bandages, etc. Orthotics can be used to accommodate, support or relieve specific conditions as well as improve the foot's function. All these elements influence comfort, fit, and support. The right combination can help increase your mobility and function. A Certified Pedorthist can help design an appropriate orthotic and provide personalized attention in selecting, fitting and modifying shoes so that you can wear the orthotic effectively. Bob is skilled at selecting and modifying footwear to help customers maintain and regain mobility.

For example, the following pedorthic modifications are available:

  • Rocker bottom soles
  • Build-ups
  • Medial or lateral flares
  • Leather covered flares
  • Heel lifts
  • Pedorthic adjustments to orthotics
  • Stretching spot or total shoe
  • Diabetic orthotic
  • External met bar
  • Scaphoid pads
  • Partial toe filler

Even if you do not have a doctor but your feet bother you, you may still benefit from a shoe fitting with a Certified Pedorthist. Many people can benefit from pedorthic devices or footwear modifications to make your shoes more comfortable. Sometimes it is as simple as finding shoes that properly fit. 

Customers are welcome to call us at 262-473-4093 and discuss your needs to see how we can help you. You are also welcome to schedule a one-on-one shoe fitting appointment. We highly encourage appointments due to the level of personalized service.



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